What you will need at the time of Admission:
You must be free of mood altering chemicals for at least 72 hours prior to admission or be Medically/Socially Detoxed.

All legal, medical and dental problems should be taken care of prior to admission.

If you are on medication prescribed by your Physician you will need a statement from your Doctor as to why you need to be on this medication.  You must have this in order to be admitted.  You will need a 30 day supply of the medication.

You must have a desire to stop drinking or using mood altering chemicals a Day At A Time.  A willingness to stay for at least 28 days, and a willingness to work toward change by following your daily schedule and the directions of the staff.

If you are married, we ask that your wife bring you to treatment, if not we need the person you live with or immediate family member bring you as the Family and Visitation Polices needs to be covered with this person.

You will need to bring toilet articles, razor, shaving cream, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.  Do not bring mouthwash unless it is Alcohol Free, only one bottle of aftershave lotion or cologne.  If you use clippers to shave please bring them.  Towels, wash cloths and bed linens are furnished.

Do not bring over the counter medications, radios, cassette players, I Pods, laptops, cards, games of any type, books, magazines, knives, tapes, etc.  Do not bring caps or head gear.

You will need to bring several changes of casual clothing for classed during the week.  Blue jeans, casual slacks as long as they are neat, shirts that have collars are required for classes.  Jeans, slacks must be long, summer and winter.  Shorts and tee shirts, (as long as they do not have alcohol ads or suggestive writing on them) are fine for chores on Saturday and after class hours.  No tank tops.  You will need a suit, sport coat with tie for Sunday Worship Service.

The Colony requires that you shave daily, no beards or goat tees allowed, neat haircut that does not go below the collar, no ear rings or other body rings allowed while in treatment.  You will be required to maintain person hygiene, as we believe that a clean external body will motivate us to clean the internal which Recovery demands.

If you are not a Sandhills referral you must pay the required Admission fee at time of admission and the balance upon completion of the program.  If you are referred through Sandhills the admission fee will be added to your bill upon completion of program.  Sandhills referrals are on a Sliding Fee Scale.  There is no such thing as Free Treatment.  Someone has to pay.

If you have questions about any of the above please call and talk with a Counselor or Director. 910-895-3243

Admission Policy:

SAMARITAN COLONY’s Substance Abuse Services will provide substance abuse rehabilitation services to clients 18 years of age and older.  Substance Abuse services are available to all individuals with regard to race, color, religion, national origin, social and economic status, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, duration of residence, or ability to pay.  SAMARITAN COLONY, INC. will give priority status, when appropriate, to IV drug users.